The Fever Chart

"Our only health is the disease / If we obey the dying nurse …"

Month: August, 2012

On the Feast of the Assumption

From my new book, Forty Days, Forty Graces, available in print and Kindle versions at Amazon. At the center of salvation history stands a simple Jewish peasant girl. As the Old Testament began with the story of Eve, the New Testament begins with the story of Mary, the New Eve, mother of the New Adam. [...]

“Give Me Christ Or Give Me Hiroshima”

That line, from Leonard Cohen’s haunting song, “The Future,” has been replaying in my mind this day, the Feast of the Transfiguration. This morning my pastor contrasted the brilliant appearance of Jesus on Mount Tabor with the flash of atomic light at Hiroshima. On Mount Tabor, our Lord was bathed in a dazzling white light [...]