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"Our only health is the disease / If we obey the dying nurse …"

Category: Dorothy Day/Catholic Worker Movement

Does God Love the Poor More Than the Rich?

Published at Aleteia I have a friend named Trish who frequently corners me after Mass to ask questions about things she finds baffling about Scripture or Catholic teaching. Her questions range from the mundane – “Why, if Mary remained a virgin, does Scripture refer to the ‘brothers and sisters’ of Jesus?” – to the sublime [...]

Pope Francis’ Radical Call to Serve the Poor

This piece appeared at Aleteia We know he’s a Jesuit by religious vow. He’s told us he’s a Franciscan at heart. But is Pope Francis also a Vincentian? The recent news that he’s been sending the Vatican Almoner out with some Swiss Guards to attend to the sick and poor in their homes suggests he [...]

Dorothy Day’s Prayer for Ammon Hennacy

In 1965, Dorothy Day wrote a column titled, “What Does Ammon Mean?” It was an appreciation of a long-time Catholic Worker collaborator, Ammon Hennacy. The article concludes with a plea for and promise of prayers for Hennacy, who had recently left the Catholic Church – into which he had been baptized only a decade earlier [...]