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Category: Peacemaking

The Militarization of American Policing

This article appeared at Aleteia Last April, during the manhunt for alleged Boston Marathon bombers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnayev, television viewers were able to witness first-hand the militarization of a municipal police force. Officers in full battle gear rumbled through the streets of a Boston suburb in a variety of armored military vehicles, including up-armored [...]

Christopher Dorner: When Pride Consumes the Soul

This piece originally appeared at Aleteia. Christopher Dorner’s reign of terror came to a fiery end last evening in Big Bear, Calif., east of Los Angeles. For two weeks, Dorner, a 33 year-old former Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) officer, had conducted a private war against his erstwhile colleagues, killing four people and attracting national [...]

The Future of ‘Conservatism’

If it is to survive, the Republican Party must come to represent a conservatism that hews closer to the vision of Burke, Kirk, Fleming, Oakeshott, Burnham, Weaver, Scruton, Berry and Blond; a conservatism that stands opposed to the corrosive cultural influence of laissez-faire capitalism and the mass consumer society; opposed to the concentration of economic [...]

Don’t Choose Evil

Last January, I predicted that Mitt Romney would win the Republican nomination for president and go on to beat Barack Obama for the White House. I’m sticking to that prediction, although I also thought that Romney would be running with Governor Susanna Martinez, and that Hilary Clinton and Joe Biden would flip roles. The lesson [...]

War Without End, Amen

One of the disturbing legacies of the past two decades is that war has become something of a national pastime, a spectator sport in which the United States deploys its wealth and power, not to mention the bodies and futures of its soldiers, in order to establish the principle enunciated by neocon Brett Decker that [...]

9-11: A Personal Recollection

My wife called me shortly before 9:00 am to tell me that something frightening was happening in Manhattan. I was in my office at Enders Island and I turned on the radio just in time to hear someone report – live – that a second plane had plunged into the WTC. Shaken, I walked over [...]